Marauders and the Ring

Not only have I finished my Marauder fic Nebel über Hogwarts nearly five years after I’ve posted the first chapter, I’ve also spent a comfortable evening in bed with The Fellowship of the Ring. To my surprise, re-watching the movie gave me a whole new appreciation of Boromir’s character – last time I took a look at him, I was twelve years old and he was the vile guy I couldn’t really understand. Now, he’s become Tolkien’s most interesting character in the whole book/movie, just because he’s not so good that he can read in bed without lighting a candle, and after reading some nice stories about him (and some not so nice ones – the LotR fandom seems to be 90 per cent prescient sues), I’ve made my own attemt called The Long Way Home. I’m really proud that I’ve written 98 pages in English, but unfortunately, that also means 98 pages are waiting for a revision… and I don’t like revisions at all, as illustrated by my first Star Wars fanfiction which is waiting for me to re-visit it for near six years now.

But after two years of not posting a new story at all, I’ve now got two completed stories on my hands that I can post in the foreseeable future, and that certainly is an improvement, meaning that I can take a look at my countless projects and ideas and write some of them without having to feel bad for the people waiting for an update for already posted stories. I hope that I’ll be done with The Long Way Home at about the same time my beta readers are done proof-reading Nebel über Hogwarts, but the last few years have taught me about the best-laid schemes of mice and men… sadly.

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