And what shall I do now?

The Long Way Home is waiting to get a general revision, but I’m not really motivated to do that right now. First, I don’t like revisions in general (and that is an understatement), and second, I’ve only just finished revising 250 pages of Harry Potter fanfiction… enough is enough. In addition, I really like to write in German now that I’ve gotten into it again, and I doubt that I’m going to find a lot of mistakes in an English text when I’ve just started to think in German again. So… I guess I’m going to wait a bit with that, and do just the same with Upon my Honour. It won’t run away, and I’m confident that soon, I’m going to get another OMG! I have to read Jane Austen!-Flash again, and then’ll be the right time to re-read the manuscript and finish it, even though it is temting to take one of these (nearly) finished projects and post them while my beta readers are taking a look at my marauder fic.

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