About me

Glasschmetterling – Kuschelkueckchen

Who am I? A complicated question, and one I’m trying to answer here, just as the more important what do I write?

Telling stories has fascinated me since elementary school, and discovering Fanfiction at the age of twelve was a relevation to me, one that spurred me to tell my own stories about the magical world of Harry Potter. German readers might know that I frequently return to it, even though I dabble in other Fandoms I also adore.

Jane Austen – Star Trek The Lord of the Rings

At the moment, my primary Fandoms are Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings, even though my preferences are susceptible to change momentarily  I usually write what I fancy, and my Muse is rather unpredictable sometimes. I’m indulging her, because Fanfiction is my favourite hobby, not my life-task, which means that my real life often takes precedence over my writing. When I’m not answering mails or I’m lazy with my updates, I usually don’t have time for Fanfiction at the moment… sadly.

What is true for my writing also counts for my reading. It should be fun, which means that I don’t read stories that I don’t like. So if I’ve followed or favourited your story, you can be pretty sure that I adore it, even without a comment.

The Long Way Home – All through the Night

My primary English stories at the moment are The Long Way Home, a The Lord of the Rings fanfiction centering on Boromir, who’s survived his allegedly last battle and now deals with the physical and psychological fallout of the events, and All through the Night, a story inspired by Star Trek Into Darkness and Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in it. It explores the events in the distant past that have formed Khan to be the man he is, and Starfleet’s dealings with him after he’s been apprehended by Commander Spock at the end of the movie.

Sadly, they are put on hold at the moment so I can do a bit of German writing, mainly my long-running Harry Potter Christmas project and a romance centering on German soccer player Christoph Metzelder.

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