Creativity Overload

Well… constant blogging doesn’t seem to be my thing. Doubt that will change with the new blog, but at least now I can post in both German and English with an actual chance of my English readers seeing and understanding what I’m doing here. I mean, this still needs work, but with the way my mind is doing overtime at the moment, I guess I’ll make it happen soon.

Besides writing some One-Shots with movie quote prompts, I’ve also been to the cinema and watched a lot of DVDs and I’ve recently discovered that there are just too many great fandoms out there, and I haven’t got enough time for all of them, even though I try. Sadly. With Star Trek Into Darkness hitting the cinemas I’ve re-discovered my inner Star Trek fangirl, and I actually understand by now what the big deal about Benedict Cumberbatch is – he’s a great actor, and I love him both as Khan and as Sherlock Holmes. That fact describes my problem rather aptly, because while I’ve started writing my new Star Trek Saga All through the Night only a few days after I’ve seen the movie, and I still love the idea and my characters and my plot (I mean, you don’t get to stage a coup against the United States government every day!), I’ve been reading and watching so much stuff due to being ill for near two months now that my mind is getting flooded with so many crazy ideas that I can barely keep track. I can’t even decide what to read at the moment… I spent the evening at Meryton two days ago and threw my first “Pride and Prejudice in Vienna” draft into the trash (it really was terrible!), yesterday, I discovered the joys of Darcy Lewis and Steve Rogers (and oh my god, they’re cute together and I totally need to write something about them!), I’ve done a bit of writing for All through the Night, and today, I’m editing the next chapter of The Long Way Home… slowly. Very slowly. About a sentence at a time…

I just hate editing… but as I’ve already started posting, I don’t want to keep my readers waiting too long, especially as I’ve already got a thousand views for the story, and that’s a lot for something with my mediocre English pseudo-historical writing style… I just hope that they don’t go all away now that we’ve left all the action behind and get to start the romancing part of the story. Let’s face it, I’m better at writing stuff in contemporary English ;)

Now I just have to figure out how to burn all that nervous energy I’m tingling with, and then maybe I’ll actually get some writing done… maybe.