I must be insane…

Jeah, I know… old news, but the reason why I need to tell you again – yesterday, I managed to write 8156 words, more than my previous record from writing Flieg mit mir, a German Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley-One-Shot. The Pen and Paper RPG Group I’ve been writing next to was not adequately awed by that feat, they rather thought I had a screw loose, but I am proud nevertheless.

I’ve managed to jump from the middle of Chapter 29 to the end of Chapter 34, about eleven pages, and written a few key scenes I’ve been looking forward to from the beginning of the story. Now there isn’t much to do left for Catherine and me in Bath… only three letters, an aunt, a brother, an unexpected passerby and maybe an annoying visitor. From the looks of it, I don’t even know if she can stay in Bath until the end of Chapter 40, as I had originally planned, or if she has to go home earlier, where the interesting part of the Story starts. Romance, here I come!

After my motivation had reached a new low in the last days and weeks, yesterday was really a boost, and now I’m looking forward to continuing Upon my Honour. The problem with that is that today my lectures at university start again because the holidays are over, and well… I haven’t done much with that free time except sitting at home and killing Orcs (lots of Orcs). The timing is really bad, but at least Thursday is a national holiday and I’m spared the most annoying part of the week. Thankfully.


…I’m feeling how awfully exhausting 20 hours of attendance at university and work together are. There’s a lot to do for me, and I’m really glad that I’ve got Thursday off next week and a bit of leisure time. At the moment, I’m just procrastinating, at least where my uni work is concerned, which, admittedly, is not the best Idea I’ve ever had, but I just can’t bring myself to work, and I’ve had birthday, and Lord of the Rings and Jane Austen Fanfiction are so much more interesting…

Upon my Honour is getting along just fine, Catherine finally managed to get to Bath, Mrs Bennet is annoying her and delighting me, and I’m nearly ready to send the next five chapters to my beta, even though I haven’t got the last five back.

What is annoying me a bit while writing are all these other plot bunnies attacking me. To be more specific, I’m already planning to write about Colonel Fitzwilliam and his wife (yes, that lady he is rumoured to be in love with while Catherine is in Bath), about Elizabeth, who had actually married Mr Wickham and is left behind when he abandons her (yes, I am cruel)… those ideas are both too good to forget about them, but I should finish Upon my Honour before I start something new and bigger… and Nebel über Hogwarts and In Good Faith are also waiting to get written. But maybe… among the DVDs I got for my birthday was X-Men: First Class, and if the film is as good as the previous ones, it might bring me to finally finish In Good Faith… after a lot more years than I care to remember. Downside of the film is that Logan is not in it, but in exchange, I got Hank, who’s been growing more and more on me while writing In Good Faith, and maybe we’ll find out more about him and his mutation so I can play with that.

But that’s all far in the future – right now, I’m happy if I don’t add a third to my two unfinished fanfictions!


Have I already mentioned how about EVERYTHING is shitty right now? Last week was bad enough, with my car broken down and a nasty cold, and today, that pattern continues… I just want a little bit of calm and quiet, why can’t that bastard Murphy understand that?

As you may have conjectured after that introduction, I haven’t written much in the last few days. I’ve typed and sent the rest of Upon my Honour to my favourite beta of all only yesterday, and today at uni, I ignored the tiny little voice in the back of my head claiming I have better things to do, and finished Chapter 22. I mean… I won’t finish all of that stuff until tomorrow, so why bother trying?

At least next weekend is a long one, although it’ll be a bit stressful because I’m planning my birthday party… but you can’t have everything at once, can you? And I enjoy writing Upon my Honour very much at the moment, especially as I’ve had a new idea for my Catherine-visits-Bath-plot only a few days ago, which is so much better than the old one… and now I can’t wait to throw Mrs Bennet at the poor girl *chuckles evilly* That’ll be fun, especially as I’ll add an annoying aunt and a false friend to the mix, and I’m looking forward to it greatly.


At least the first part of Upon my Honour, now officially finished with the end of Chapter 21 (one more than I had originally estimated). Now I only have to type it before I can send it to Debra, who’ll need to deal with it then. I haven’t tried her patience yet at least until now, and she thinks exactly what I want her to think about my characters. Excellent.

Writing is still a lot of fun, although I can see the first signs of my Jane Austen infatuation ending soon. Writing is fun, and I hope to finish Upon my Honour in three months or so (at the end of the semester), but after that, I’ll be writing in another fandom, although I don’t know yet in which. The most likely at the moment is Harry Potter, Nebel über Hogwarts still needs to be finished… direly. If I’m completely honest, I’ll be glad when I’m done, not only because I’ll be satisfied with finishing a story, but also because I want to leave that chapter of my writing behind. Nebel über Hogwarts is part of my writing history, but it doesn’t fit in with what I want to write in the future.

By now, I can also estimate how long Upon my Honour will be, the story should be in the range of about 120 pages, a good deal shorter than For Want of Evidence , but I think that’s rather positive… For Want of Evidence was a real monster story, and I’d like to do something shorter now.

It’s dead, Jim.

“It” might refer to both my motivation and my muse… they must’ve stolen away sometime in between the birthday party and my terrible headache.

The new semester stars tomorrow, so today is my last chance to write a bit, but I’m so tired and so exhausted that I can’t even bring myself to re-read the last chapters and insert the corrections my beta reader has suggested. It’s just annoying.

From next week onward, my writing time will be severely limited, at least from Monday to Thursday, because I’ll either work all day, or attend lectures, or both. Because of that, I wanted to start looking for a small, compact Netbook before the semester started, but, unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage to do that. Well… maybe Friday, I’ll actually go to the store and ask them about them… taking the whole laptop with me when I’m out for the whole day is very impractical, as the thing is very heavy and not the easiest to handle, but typing four to five pages I’ve written on paper during the day every evening isn’t the best solution either.

At least I’ve managed to write about ten pages in the last week, meaning Upon my Honour will reach 36 pages soon… not bad, I think, and I hope I’ll be able to send Catherine to Bath soon… more trials and tribulations for her, but less about the three important gentlemen she’s been dealing with recently. But I can’t have everything at once, and we’ll get them all back together in the third part.

And now I’ll try to concentrate on either reading or writing… both not the easiest with my headache, sadly.