My Fanfictions

Current Fanfictions


Finished Fanfictions

The Long Way Home (The Lord of the Rings)
Boromir is near dead as he is floating down the Falls of Rauros, but is found by a Ranger of the North, who, with the aid of Elven remedies, tries to cure him from his near fatal wounds, not knowing the load of guilt and debt he has incurred as he tried to take the Ring.

Paused Fanfictions

All Through The Night (Star Trek Into Darkness)
Woken up after centuries of sleep by those who count her amongst their worst enemies, she discovers that not only has she lost the world she knew and loved, but also the only man linking her to a gruesome past now long gone – Khan.

His Strength of Character (Pride and Prejudice)
Mr Charles Bingley has found everything that he could ever want in a lady in Miss Jane Bennet. And he will marry her – no matter what well-meaning friends and malicious relatives might say. At all cost.

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