English Plotbunnies

Jane Austen

1. Colonel Fitzwilliam has fallen in love head over heels, but after his wedding, he discovers that his wife hasn’t married him for the deepest of affections, but only because she hated her father more than she hated him.

2. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is married to Mr Wickham, but after five years of marriage, he leaves her in Newcastle alone and ruined. Desperate and in the last stages of her second pregnancy, she takes her small daughter and tries to reach her family in Hertfordshire, but runs out of money in Lambton.

3. Richard Fitzwilliam is, after a long night of partying, stranded in the city during a heavy rain, but a stranger unexpectedly offers him a ride. Impressed by her kindness, he decides to help her along, for her life is not as pleasant as it seems…

4. Colonel Fitzwilliamm visits his recently widowed brother’s, the viscount’s home, after returning from the Napoleonic wars, but instead of waiting for the season to find a bride, he falls in love with his brother’s governess, who, though a self-assured and determined young lady, he fancies in need of his help of his brother’s advances. But marry, the cannot – she has no money to speak of, and he, as the younger son of an Earl, is in need of a wealthy wife to keep his standard of living…

5. Mr Bennet’s son, a miracle child, is born mere months before Mr Bingley leases Netherfield, and the young boy makes Mr Bennet realize many of his faults and compels him to mend his ways and try to change those of his family.

6. Now that their elder siblings are married, Catherine and Mary Bennet and Georgiana Darcy are going to come out into society. But while the former is eagerly looking forward to enjoying the freedom she knew from the time before her sister Lydia eloped, the latter fears the looks and criticisms of strangers nearly as much as performing in front of them.

7. Miss Elizabeth Elliot of Kellynch Hall in Somersetshire has everything she could ever want – riches, beauty, her own household… everything except a husband, and at the ripe age of thirty, that is not a small deficit in a woman. When her father marries Miss Carteret and her home in Bath becomes unbearable, she is forced to chose between living with her two sisters, Anne and Mary. As Anne is the more pliable of the two, she decides to spent the next months with her and her husband, Captain Wentworth, in the house they have rented near Kellynch. But a friend of the Captain, a Colonel in the army and the son of an Earl, and his brother, the viscount, have the same idea, and an opportunity for a marriage beyond even her wildest dreams…

8. After the sudden death of Sir William Elliot, his widow, Lady Anne Elliot, and her small daughter must give way to his brother who has inherited both the title and the estate Kellynch Hall. As a serving officer at sea, he has no need for the estate, and therefore leases it to Admiral and Mrs Croft while Anne moves in with her friend, Lady Russell, before she can remove to the house in Lyme her husband had bought for her.

9. Mr Bennet’s death forces Mrs Bennet and her five daughters to leave Longbourn, the home they have known for all their lives, to retreat to a small cottage in their old neighbourhood, living off the 5000 pounds their father had left them all. With only two maids and all but excluded from the society of the neighbourhood except their friendship with the Lucases, dependent on Mr Collins and Mr Gardiner’s charity, their prospects look rather bleak until Netherfield is let at last.

10. Scandals in his own family have considerably lessened Colonel Fitzwilliam’s chances of making an advantageous marriage – or any marriage to a woman of fortune and character – and when George Wickham elopes with Lydia Bennet, he proposes a different scheme: that he marry her instead of the scoundrel.

11. Richard Fitzwilliam had always been safe in the knowledge that, should all else fail, his cousin Anne would make him a good and wealthy wife. But when the charming George Wickham captures her heart and she becomes engaged, he realizes that Anne is not only important to him as a fall-back plan, but much, much more – and now promised to another.

12. William F. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are like oil and water from the moment they meet. She, sheriff of the rural county of Meryton, he, a decorated FBI agent called in to head a murder investigation. And yet they are strangely drawn to each other as they try to catch the serial killer frightening the small community…

13. A terrible carriage accident that kills his mother and severely injures his father and pregnant sister in law strands Colonel Fitzwilliam at the small cottage inhabited by a former captain of the navy, and only the timely assistance of the captain’s daughter saves his relatives’ lives.

14. Elizabeth Elliot is a successful tennis player hitting a hard stretch. Her sister Anne her faithful assistant with the broken heart. Can they both change for the better and find happiness with the men they love?

The Lord of the Rings

1. Diplomacy brings a delegation of people of the South, enemies of Gondor, to the White City, among them the eldest son and the wife of their king – and one of his daugthers. Peace comes easy, but also with a price – Boromir, the steward’s son, is to marry the king’s daughter, an alliance that will change his fate forever…

The Avengers

1. Phil Coulson is dead. Fury said it. Everyone knows it. Everyone but a Cellist who just moved to Portland and is called to the hospital in the dead of the night because the man that has been brought into the ER had her card and her photo in his wallet.

2. A young contemporary historian uncovers various cases of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s wetwork in her Ph.D. thesis, uncovering more of the agency’s plans than Nick Fury can possibly appreciate. Agent Coulson is sent in to seize her data and files, while a new tenant moves in next to her apartment, secretly charged with keeping his eyes on her – Hawkeye.

3. When Thor brings his brother back to Asgard to incarcerate him, Odin finds out that his son has lost most of his powers, and Thor is sent back to Earth to discover why. His search reveals that Natasha Romanoff has been displaying unusual abilities of late – because she has beaten the trickster god in a battle of wits and thereby stolen his powers.

4. Darcy Lewis is a cute girl, one of the type you can marry, or at least Steve Rogers thinks so until he actually gets to know her better… and works up the courage to ask her out.

5. (Humility) Natasha Romanoff always frowns when she hears people talk about happiness. Satisfaction, she can understand, just as she knows contentment, but happiness – true happiness – is a concept inherently foreign to her… until her partner Clint Barton introduces it to her.

6. Loki’s grasp on Earth’s fate hasn’t ended when Thor took him away to Asgard to face his imprisonment – he still has those on Earth who bow to him, and they pose a considerable threat to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. Maria Hill is sent to the world of the Aesir to interrogate him, and finds that he has spun a web of lies she cannot escape…

7. Ragnarök has destroyed the Nine Realms, but Thor and Loki find themselves in anther world and another dimension, where their memory is lost, their powers mean nothing, but their skills remain. To survive, they try to capitalize on what they can do best, and Thor enters the pit to fight his adversaries, while Loki builts an empire on illegal gambling and abuse – not knowing that their unknown past draws them together in a way they cannot escape.

Star Trek

1. (A Life for a Heart) Admiral Marcus discovers not only Commander Harrison’s treachery, but also his escape plans, intent on punishing him for his attempt to leave Section 31 behind. Battered, broken and close to death, he finally manages to escape through the extensive tunnel system beneath London, only to find kindness where he didn’t expect it.

2. (Time to Think) Service on a ship like the Enterprise is ninety percent boredom, nine percent hard work, and one percent sheer, utter terror – everyone in Starfleet knows that. Even though Lieutenant Uhura thinks that the numbers have been somewhat off lately, the mission to apprehend the traitor John Harrison isn’t that dissimilar, and she and the rest of the crew are left with too much time to ponder the miserable situaton at hand.

3. Everyone needs to relax sometimes, even genetically augmented warlords working for homicidal, blackmailing warmongers on weapons systems deadlier than anything Starfleet has ever known. And so Commander John Harrison goes out… to dance.


1. While the team is on vacation, Eliot finds a distraught Russian woman in his pub, who claims that her friend has been abducted by a mobster. Calling the team, he mounts a rescue operation on his own and succeeds in saving her – with unforeseen consequences, for the girl isn’t who she claims to be.

2. Hardison digs up a Copy of the Scion Pen and Paper RPG rulebook and nags the team into playing it (“It’s a team-building exercise, man!”), but then everyone starts to take the game a bit too seriously.


1. Matt Horner is waiting for a contact on a godforsaken desert planet, and all he wants is keeping a low profile and beer that is truly cold and not only what the locals claim to be, but when he finds out that the frightened waitress working in the pub is actually a slave, his his hero instincts kick in.


1. After unmitigated disaster struck in Karachi, Irene Adler boards a train to India to hide herself in the deepest hole she can find, at least for a while. But her hibernation is cut short when a man who screams Intelligence Agency with every movement approaches her with a proposal she can’t refuse. That man’s name is Phil Coulson.

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